The Entrex Florida Market

The Entrex Florida Market offers Investors a place to Find, Research, Track, Manage

and Trade the Securities of Florida Businesses.


Entrex created a leading, regulatory compliant, trading platform for Florida Companies.

Entrex was founded in 2001 by Stephen H. Watkins with a mission to provide exposure, credibility and liquidity for the securities of entrepreneurs.  

These companies typically create the economic and employment sector of our economy but are often to small to gain the attention, individually, of Wall Street.    Stephen’s mission for nearly 20 years has been to provide efficiency to entrepreneur’s products, services and securities – while providing exposure and credibility to the Wall Street broker dealers and their investor clients.

Entrex’s vison was to create a robust technology platform using IBM technology.   Today this technology manages the trades in a regulatory compliant manner through regulated entities.

Click the video above to learn more about our technology leadership.

Click this link to see the IBM case-study on Entrex’s Technology Platform.

About Entrex

The Market to Find, Research, Track, Manage and Trade Florida Companies.

The Entrex’s Florida Market, owned by our parent public company,, continually seeks to improve the efficiency of capital creation for Florida companies through regulated market professionals.

Entrex’s financial technologies (“FinTech”) and regulatory technologies (“RegTech”) provides a system to find, research, track, manage and trade entrepreneurial securities for market constituents.

We do this using IBM’s technology platform (Click for IBM Case-study)  developed continuously over nearly 20 years. Our Technology is unique and manages regulated market constituents from the beginning to end including origination, structuring, placement, trading, settlement and servicing the securities of entrepreneurial companies.

We use our proven, and regulatory transparent platform, to partner through Joint Ventures with leading participants in the sector. We believe that by partnering with industry leaders we can each focus on our expertise and scale better, faster and cheaper benefiting all involved.